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You do your best to clean up doggy doo-doo?  But it's hard to keep up with your dog. Luckily, the new-designed Poop Scooper makes it easy to pick up after your dog. It's basically a gripper that collects the poop as you shake it into the collection bag. Once you have collected enough, you can just discard the bag and attach another to fill up. 


Main Features:

  • The ultimate pet waste cleaning tool, easy and convenient to carry and use. 
  • The scooper is with significantly improved scoop design, larger scoop size, reinforced cable and joint structures to ensure durability. 
  • The scooper can pick up both hard and soft waste easily from all kinds of surfaces. Most importantly, it does NOT get dirty after use. A truly Single-Handed, Bending-Free, Touching-Free, Hosing-Free scooper. 
  • The scooper can use standard poop bags. One bag can be used for multiple pick-ups. Save money and protect the environment!
  • Light and strong. Weather proof. Weighs less than 1lb.
  • Total length 60cm.  
  •  Easy folding for compact storage. 



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